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Many of the recommendations below are used on this site. I only recommend tools and resources that I personally use or have experience with.

Some of these are affiliate links. I only recommend resources that I know will provide value to you as a new blogger. You can read my disclosure for more information.

With that, I hope you find this helpful.

P.S. I’m always looking for new tools and resources to add to this list. So, if you know of a resource, not listed here, that would provide value to new bloggers, let me know!

Blogging Platforms

5/5 is the most widely used digital CMS (Content Management System).

Approximately, 32% of the internet runs on WordPress and they control ~50-60% of the CMS market share. 

This site runs on as well as most of the successful blogs out there today.

With, your self-hosted meaning that you purchase your own web hosting from a hosting provider (recommendations below).

This means you own and control your website and content.

Which is why I highly recommend that bloggers be self-hosted on the platform. You can read why here.


No to be confused with, is both a CMS and a free hosting platform. 

Although I recommend that you be self-hosted because you have more control over your site, is my free hosting recommendation.

Be sure to check out my Complete WordPress Tutorial multi-part series!

Part one shows you how to install WordPress, install your theme, and provides an overview of the WordPress dashboard.

Part two shows you how to customize your theme using the WordPress Customizer.

Part three (coming soon) shows you how to build pages in WordPress, both with the classic editor and Elementor.

Part four (coming soon) shows you how to publish posts

Part five (coming soon) shows you how to install plugins and which ones you need as a new blogger

Then read, How to NOT Look Like a Completely New Blogger: 8 Important Actions You MUST Do.

Domain Name Registrars


Simple, affordable, and hassle-free domain name search.  Among the top domain registrars in the world with over 10 million domains under management.


The world’s largest domain name registrar with 18M customers worldwide and 77M domain names under management.

Hosting Providers


This site is hosted with Siteground and in my opinion, Siteground’s the best hosting provider for new bloggers! 

Did you know…Siteground is an official recommendation of and was named one of the best and brightest WordPress hosting providers.

Siteground includes so many FREE features. Here are a few…

  • Free Drag and Drop Builder: Create remarkable and responsive websites with no technical skills required.
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free WordPress install
  • Free Email Accounts – Unlimited included with all plans
  • Unlimited Sub and Parked domains.

It’s simple! Siteground is faster, safer, and provides the best support.


Although Bluehost is not my top recommendation, I firmly believe it’s the next best option for new bloggers. 

If for some reason you’re against Siteground, go with Bluehost.

FYI…Siteground’s StartUp plan is the SAME PRICE as Bluehost’s Basic plan.

WordPress Themes


GeneratePress is a fast, lightweight (less than 1MB zipped), mobile responsive WordPress theme built with speed, SEO and usability in mind.

They have both a free and premium version. I purchased their premium version ($49) for this site and couldn’t be happier.

Read more about the premium features here or watch this video.

If you’re looking for simple, fast, and easily customizable, then look no further!


StudioPress themes are one of the most highly used and recommended among bloggers today. Specifically the Genesis Framework.

You can purchase the basic Genesis Framework or any one of their family of themes built on the Genesis Framework.

They vary in price from $59.99 to $129.99 typically.

They’re feature rich and easily customizable. Be sure to check these out before you settle on a free theme. It’s better to pay a little upfront then have the headache of migrating themes a year or two down the road.

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