Hi, I’m Clint

Chief Creator at Learn to Earn Blogging.

I’m a digital marketer, side hustler, and entrepreneur. I knew from the time I was a kid that I wanted to be an entrepreneur—to have something of my own.

Like most people though, I went to school, got a job in Corporate America and I’m currently just another rat in the race.

But, I have a goal…a goal to be a full-time entrepreneur.

That’s why I created this site. To build my own business, fulfill my dream of being an entrepreneur, and to live the life I want to live, and I plan to share how I do it with you!

I know a lot of you feel the same way.

You’re tired of the rat race, of having someone else tell you what to do, of not being able to spend the amount of time you wish you could with your friends and family, of dreading Mondays and only living for the weekend.

That can change! Blogging is a great way to have something of your own.

⚠Caution: it’s NOT for everyone though.⚠

Be sure to read What is a Blog? Is Blogging Right for you? and 3 Things You Must Overcome to Start a Blog.

It’s for those who:

  • Enjoy writing
  • Have thick skin

(Why this? You’re putting your thoughts out for the world to read. So, you may get criticized. But opinions are like @ssholes…everyone has one 😊 Don’t always take it to heart)

  • Want to become an entrepreneur
  • Want to earn extra income
  • Want to learn something new
  • Want to explore the digital world
  • Want to teach others
  • Are passionate about something
  • Can devote the time and energy it takes
  • Will persevere and not give up after 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Want to call the shots and be your own boss

The Mission and Purpose of Learn to Earn Blogging is to help YOU succeed online.

We’ll achieve this by using our 3-Phased approach:

Phase 1: Blog Pre-LaunchWhat you need to know and do BEFORE you launch your blog

Phase 2: Blog Launch: Step-by-step instructions to launch your blog the RIGHT way

Phase 3: Blog Post-Launch: Strategies to help you drive traffic, build an email list, & monetize your blog

I’ll share my strategies, successes, and failures. My promise to you is that I’ll stay relevant, provide easily digestible content, and have fun in the process.

Learn to Earn Blogging’s Core Principles:

  • Be Transparent
  • Provide Real Value
  • Stay Relevant
  • Simplify the Learning Process

Blogging is NOT EASY nor a get rich scheme (although it may seem that way when you read some blogger’s income reports).

It takes hard work, determination, consistency, perseverance, and sacrifice.

I built Learn to Earn Blogging over many nights and weekends, while working full-time, ensuring I spent quality time with my wife and two kids and maintaining my exercise routine.

Side Note: Stay healthy! Why become an entrepreneur, build a business, and live the life you want if you’re not going to be around to live it? *soapbox over*

To say starting a blog was challenging would be an understatement. But guess what?…I did it and so can you!

I look forward to meeting you and seeing your success as we embark on this journey to build YOU a successful blog!

So, now what?

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Fun facts about Clint:

  • Is a Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB)
  • Is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Connect on LinkedIn
  • What I really wanted to be, as a kid, when I grew up: A real-life cowboy
  • My favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad – hands down best show of all time
  • I married my sweetheart and best friend after a year of dating (currently going on 13 years)
  • I have two girls: Lydia and Evelyn (Evie) that bring me so much stress and joy 😊
  • My favorite Beer: Depends on what I’m doing
    • Having a beer with friends: A nice hand-crafted IPA. Current favorites: Lakewood Hop Trapp and Deep Ellum IPA.
    • Hot summer day: Corona
    • Camping: Coors Light
  • My favorite Cigar: Padrón 1926 Serie
  • I haven’t been on a plan since 2009
  • I played football in college (NAIA – Central Methodist College, basically glorified high school lol)
  • I bought Rogaine for my 34th birthday – Happy Birthday to me
    • I was in denial for about 4 years
  • I’ve never broken a bone
  • I love the lake, wakeboarding, skiing, fishing, etc
  • I hope to live on a lake someday
  • I have several boating stories if you need a laugh and want to grab a beer

Be a pal and socialize!


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We hate spam — unsubscribe anytime

We hate spam — unsubscribe anytime