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  • Easy to use, Google Sheet template for tracking blog posts.
  • Yes, tracking blog posts is tedious.
  • You’ll thank me later when you have 100+ posts and you’re auditing for SEO, broken links, social shares, etc.
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Sound Familiar?

Ready to start and monetize a blog, but overwhelmed by all the choices and information?

Did you try a “start a blog in 20 minutes” guide only to find yourself confused and unsure of what to do next?

Are you tired of dreaming and ready to take action?

Hi, I'm Clint

Picture of Clint

Helping others Learn to Earn is my passion. I love all things digital marketing and look forward to being a resource for your blog.

Have you noticed how most blogging resources only give you the basics?

They tell you how to purchase a domain name, hosting, and install WordPress.

Then, you find yourself staring at the WP dashboard thinking, “now what do I do?”

Don’t worry! We‘ll show you!

Although we help make it easy to learn, it’s not all unicorns and sunshine.

The tough part of blogging is creating great content, driving traffic, building an email list and community, and developing a strategy to earn.

Our 3-phased approach will help teach you how to be successful in each of these and take your blog to the next level.

Whether you’re brand new or have been at it for a while, we’ll provide you with relevant, in-depth content, including video tutorials (coming soon), that will help you…

● Learn to Start

● Learn to Grow

● Learn to Earn

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Our 3-Phased Approach

Which Phase Are You In?

Phase 1: Blog Pre-Launch

What you need to know and do BEFORE you launch your blog.

Phase 2: Blog Launch

Step-by-step instructions to launch your blog the RIGHT way

Phase 3: Blog Post-Launch

Strategies to help you drive traffic, build an email list, & monetize your blog.


Blogging Phase


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